Revolutionize document management with blockchain.

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Boost Your Productivity and Save Time with Hassle-Free Document Management

An easy-to-use interface for generating, managing, and sharing various types of documents, including those that are customizable with QR code scanning capabilities. With BTNT Smart Doc, businesses can rest assured that their documents are always accessible and tamper-proof, ensuring data security and integrity.

  • Bill Of Lading
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Quatation
  • Purchase Order

Get the big picture of your operations and documents
with Bitnautic's easy-to-use dashboard.


Empower Your Business Operations with Bitnautic's Blockchain Email System

End-to-end encryption:

Ensures that all communications linked to business operations are safe and secured from illegal access or alteration using end-to-end encryption.


Maintain the authenticity of the communication by preventing any modification or alteration of the emails.

Seamless connectivity

Streamline communication by sharing documents with involved parties, without separate channels.

Ocean shipping

Air freight

Road freight

Rail freight

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